Digital Painting–Land of Aselvia

Landscape Aselvia
Land of Aselvia

So in the Spring 2017 term at MSOA, I did a digital painting of my original elven land, Aselvia, a country featured in my novels-in-progress. The image below, complete with elf, won a college category in the school! You can see it and the other winners HERE.

Land of Aselvia
Land of Aselvia (with elf)

And now also just a view of the mountains and sky, because that was my favorite part. Which of these three versions do you like best?

Land of Aselvia long
The Mountains of Aselvia


So I recently discovered a new favorite art style……the adorable Chibi. Perfect for rendering epic, handsome heroes into cute chubby little squishies. Of course I had to do some fan art of four chaps from Bryn Riplinger Shutt’s wip, Time of the Immortals. Hope you all enjoy how they turned out as much as I did. 😉Chibi Boys.jpg

Family Portrait Commission

This family is a very special family….for one, they are fictional…for another, they may be my very favorite fictional family…and lastly, they are in books as yet unpublished, so you can’t go stampeding to read about them. My apologies about that.

The De Glas Family

Behold, the De Glas Family

De Glas Family Black and white

(and not all pictured actually)

The De Glas Family feature in the upcoming fantasy series, Time of the Immortals, by Bryn Riplinger Shutt. You can follow her at her  blog/, and/or her tumblr, where she had other lovely art commissions to display!

Character Portraits Commission

When an author is creating a story, sometimes it is really helpful to see the character’s face. My writing friend, Bryn, has a multitude of characters in her very large WIP fantasy series, and she wanted to see them all in sketch form, so I worked with her definite ideas in sets of ten portraits. Seriously, I love all these characters toooo much. And if you think they look intriguing (of course you do) you should run over and check out her blog where she shares story snippits and updates on her progress.

Book Release with Cover Commission

So besides just updating my galleries, how about an update on some of my commissions? Earlier last year, the lovely Emmarayn Redding hired me for the cover art of her original fairytale collection The Madman of Elkriahl and Other Tales. The book released last November and having a copy myself, I can tell you that it is full of sweet stories and beautiful illustrations by the author. The tales have a very classic sense and are delightfully written.

Working with Emmrayan’s cover concept through digital painting was highly enjoyable. You can find out more about the book here on Amazon. Also drop on by to visit Emmarayn’s very fun blog, Writing in Rivendell. 🙂




The Art of Hannah S. J. Williams

Welcome to my site, I’m so glad you found me!

Telling stories through art and writing is my joy; may it also be a blessing to you as you browse through my galleries. Ever since childhood, I’ve loved art, from drawing to painting, and in my early years I was mostly self-taught, pressing ahead with passion and much practice. In the past few years, I’ve been blessed to take up classes at Masters School of Art, and the wonderful teachers and students there have helped refine and encourage my gift.

I am not currently accepting art commissions, but if you would like to see what I will be offering in the future, please see my Services page.