What Inspires My Writing (Pt 2) – and Giveaway!

A guest article on an author friend’s site about what inspires my writing…and my drawing! 🙂

Ashlee Willis, Author of Fantasy

This is a guest post by author H.S.J. Williams.

When I was a little girl, there was a book on the shelf that fascinated me. It portrayed a young native girl sitting on a grassy hill, a wolf lying by her side. Her pensive expression, the wind in her hair…it all evoked my imagination. I couldn’t read, but I knew a story when I saw one. So I took the book and “told the story” to my long-suffering younger cousin. (This book was Island of the Blue Dolphins if you were wondering, though I found that out much later.)

I realize now my reason for writing is no different. I must bring the characters to life. ben-white-148435-unsplashThey let me know of their existence in different ways…I might catch a glimpse of them in reflection of another story, in an art piece, or they just knock on the door of…

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Mark of the Raven Fan Art

Hello, all!

I just recently read Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse, and I LOVED it. The characters and plot were the sort I adore, thus they demanded fan art (which was easy to picture since the writing of the world was so vivid). So here are some character cards for the leading lord and lady—-Selene Ravenwood and Damien Maris!

Have you read Mark of the Raven? (If not, you should.) Tell me what you think! 🙂

Five Poisoned Apples: Creating the Interior Covers

I’ve followed (and entered) the Rooglewood fairytale contests since first they began. And while I never won, I enjoyed the stories in each collection, especially Five Magic Spindles.

So it was with great excitement that I accepted the offer to design the five interior covers for the winning retellings of Snow White! And oh, such an incredible experience it was! If you perchance have not heard or seen Five Posioned Apples yet, let me present to you the interior covers!

Falling Snow


Falling Snow: The strange dark circus is the only life she’s ever known—but is Snow a performer or a prisoner?

Raven's Heir

Raven’s Heir: Taking her in could risk the lives of his rebel band—but how can Damien leave the young woman at the huntsman’s mercy?

The Fairest One

The Fairest One: Her people look for the prophesied Fairest One—but can Livna find courage to step out of the shadows and save her nation?

Red as Blood

Red as Blood: He’s been hired to assassinate the princess, no questions asked—but how can Zaig take the life of one so young, so innocent?

Snowbird and the Red Slippers

Snowbird and the Red Slippers: She longs to be worthy of the scholarship that changed her life—but can Jeong Hayan survive the bitter rivalry of a prestigious New York dance school?

This gorgeous collection is for sale on Amazon, so if you enjoy “a tale so dark and lovely” it is well worth checking out!

rooglewood fairytale collections

Chibi Art for FAIREST SON

You know, I have loads and loads of art for my WIP series, but very little art for my published novella, FAIREST SON…!

So naturally, I had to fix that, beginning with some chibi art of my leading darlings.

Keeva and Idris Chibi 1

So here is the huntress Keeva and the mysterious Fingall…and next, we have Keeva in her finery and the Seelie Prince, Idris!

Keeva and Idris Chibi 2.jpg

Both of these were such a delight to paint….chibis are just too adorable for words, and they are a style I enjoy playing with.

If you haven’t read FAIREST SON yet, it’s up for sale on Amazon!


Book Covers!

Hello, lovelies!

Today, I would like to share with you some projects I’ve completed these past few months! Although not officially part of my commission statement (yet), I’ve taken on a few book covers!

First let me share the cover of Meredith Leigh Burton’s beautiful fairy-tale collection, Blind Beauty and Other Tales of Redemption!

Blind Beauty Cover.jpg

This was such a fun cover to create because the author wanted to convey the contrasting theme of light in the darkness, and a difficult journey to a better place. These themes are central to her three short stories within, and I was glad to be part of it! Blind Beauty is for sale NOW at Amazon.

Secondly, a dear friend of mine is planning to share a Jane Austenesque “Beauty and the Beast” retelling on her Wattpad account (which you should go follow because she has a beautiful writing voice). And she needed a cover for her story, The Other Side of the Rose!

The Other Side of the Rose

This was an especially challenging but satisfying project. Each rose took about an hour to complete, but I’m so pleased with the finished effect. Looking forward to reading this story!

I was very honored to create the cover for a short story by award-winning author, Gillian Bronte Adams! Creating a font from scratch to match the rest of her series titles was very interesting and exciting.

River of Song Cover Final.jpg


And also, I did a cover for one of my own short stories…Feather & Nettle. This story is available through subscription to my author site, which is here! (If you can’t find the subscribe box, go to my blog page there.)

Feather and Nettle cover

This is a fun new venue to explore, and I hope to open up cover commissions soon! For now though I am stuffed full on commissions. I am currently working on the interior covers for the fairy tale collection Five Poisoned Apples….and oh, the designs are such a delight…

An Exciting Announcement!

I have been a bit absent here, haven’t I? But never fear, I have not been lazy! In fact, I have been quite busy on multiple fronts, but most exciting of all is this—

I am releasing a book this August! It is a Snow White retelling set in Celtic fae courts with a genderswap-twist. It is called Fairest Son, and if you hadn’t heard about it yet, I have an author site right over here: https://www.hsjwilliams.com

The cover is designed by myself, so here’s a looksie…

Fairest Son 5 x 8.jpg


And speaking of covers, I have been taking cover commissions lately and designing another of my own, so expect a post about that soon enough.

Also, in other exciting news, I have started a coloring page for Author J. M. Stengl! It will be from her book, Ellie and the Prince, which is a most charming retelling of Cinderella. The scene is very cute, and will be available to download for readers once the book hits enough reviews!