What Inspires My Writing (Pt 2) – and Giveaway!

A guest article on an author friend’s site about what inspires my writing…and my drawing! 🙂

Ashlee Willis, Author of Fantasy

This is a guest post by author H.S.J. Williams.

When I was a little girl, there was a book on the shelf that fascinated me. It portrayed a young native girl sitting on a grassy hill, a wolf lying by her side. Her pensive expression, the wind in her hair…it all evoked my imagination. I couldn’t read, but I knew a story when I saw one. So I took the book and “told the story” to my long-suffering younger cousin. (This book was Island of the Blue Dolphins if you were wondering, though I found that out much later.)

I realize now my reason for writing is no different. I must bring the characters to life. ben-white-148435-unsplashThey let me know of their existence in different ways…I might catch a glimpse of them in reflection of another story, in an art piece, or they just knock on the door of…

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